Bookkeeper in Your Back Pocket Day

Bookkeeper in Your Back Pocket Day

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Ever wish you could have me on call while you're updating your books or counting your inventory? That's what Bookkeeper in Your Pocket Day is for!

This service is for 8 hours of consecutive access to me via a free app, Voxer. Voxer is a walkie-talkie like app you can use on your phone or your computer. It allows for voice & text messaging, so you can communicate with me however you feel comfortable.

If you've fallen behind on either getting your spreadsheets & bookkeeping system set up, OR the work of actually doing your books for the year, then this service is for you!

I am loving using Voxer with spreadsheet customers because you don't have to SEE each other (ie, you can be wearing your PJs...and I can be wearing my PJs too!) and it's real life friendly. You can send messages whenever you have a second to flesh out your thought, and there's no need to pre-schedule a dedicated uninterrupted hour or two of your day.

This service is reserved for Paper + Spark spreadsheet users. You can use your day to chat with me about:

  • Getting your books caught up
  • How to categorize your business expenses & receipts
  • Counting, measuring, and entering your inventory
  • Setting goals or a budget for your business
  • How to pay yourself or set up your bank accounts & transfers

I'm also happy to chat with you about general income tax & sales tax questions, though I may not know the specifics of your location. I also cannot give tax advice.

After you complete your purchase, you'll have the ability to schedule our day together via a calendly link that will be emailed to you. There will be plenty of times & dates to choose from.