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The Digital Product Accelerator

ūüĒ• Ignite your digital product sales¬†with my¬†signature strategy¬†ūüĒ•

Join the wait list for the all-new Digital Product Accelerator program

You've already got a stellar digital product - you just need to get it off the ground.

Successfully creating a profitable digital product business is not a "get rich quick" scheme (no matter how many internet gurus try to sell us that pipe dream!).

It's NOT simply "build it and they will come".

You can have a great suite of digital products, but you still need to:

ūüćĻ Build an audience,

ūüćĻ¬†Continuously drive traffic to your offers

ūüćĻ Optimize your shop, your marketing message, and all your content for conversion

ūüćĻ And THEN create systems that allow you to achieve that dream we're all promised - making passive income in your sleep.¬†

After 10+ years selling over $2.5 million in digital products (not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars investing in my own education, mentorship, tools, and systems) I am ready to teach everything I know to a select group of budding digital product entrepreneurs.  

...All the marketing theory, tech tools, evergreen sales methods, and much more that I have worked diligently over the past decade of running Paper + Spark to employ as a solo-preneur. I'm ready to share the entire framework with you!

I am truly a business strategy nerd and I can't wait to share this with our first cohort of entrepreneurs!

What we'll cover in the Digital Product Accelerator:

I'm sharing the most important topics & strategies that will make the quickest impact on your digital product business. We'll work together over 10 weeks to learn, gain momentum and implement.

  • Finding¬†more customers - marketing strategies that WORK for digital product sellers (and don't require you to create content 24/7)
  • The¬†evergreen email marketing formula for digital product sellers - it's true that the money is in your list! You'll learn¬†how to build yours and keep your subscribers engaged
  • Top tech tools for running your digital product business - the must-know tools for streamlining your product delivery, customer support,¬†content creation, social media marketing, etc.
  • Building out a product offer suite that makes sense - don't leave money on the table...think¬†through¬†your customer journey
  • How to increase your average customer spend - all about tripwires, bundles, deadline funnels, order bumps, and more
  • All about¬†digital product launch strategies - the pros & cons of open & close door product launches & behind-the-scenes of how evergreen funnels work
  • What everyone thinks they need to do right away - paid ads! The why & how behind paying for traffic, and how to know if it's worth it or a waste of your money
  • ÔĽŅBusiness model mapping - what's your breakeven point? How many digital products do you need to sell to nail your profit goal?

These are all tactics that I've either paid thousands of dollars via other programs to learn OR I've learned from years of trial & error on my own - distilled into small chunks and broken down in plain English. Plus you'll get to see the behind-the-scenes of my own digital product business as we go!

We'll tackle each of the above themes via a live weekly Zoom call. Replays will be available if you can't make it live. 

You'll also have Voxer access with me and the group throughout our ten weeks together, along with a private Facebook community for chatting, community collaboration, and extra support.

Who is this for?

The Digital Product Accelerator program is geared for existing digital product sellers, ideally those who have validated their product (meaning - you've sold some of your products!). 

It's for digital product sellers who want to grow their digital product shop as quickly as possible and are ready to learn the framework for getting there (and put in the work to implement what they're learning!).

If you're interested in selling digital products but you don't have a product idea just yet, then the Accelerator is not for you. Please think about joining me after you've gotten your products listed and some sales under your belt!

Interested? Join the Waitlist!

I want to keep our first round of the Accelerator intimate as we learn together - so please join the waitlist if you are interested! The launch price of this offer will likely be around $2k, and I will offer a payment plan option. I will launch to the waitlist first sometime this spring.

The waitlist doesn't commit you to anything - and you will receive an email with the opportunity to ask questions and provide me feedback of what you're hoping to get out of the Accelerator upon joining!