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Deep Dive Podcast - Email Marketing

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Your comprehensive guide to unlocking the power of email marketing

Deep Dive Mini-Podcast - Email Marketing A to Z for E-Commerce Sellers

My unique Deep Dive Podcasts are here! I'm sharing the ultimate guide, start to finish, on how to get started with and get the most out of your email marketing. No need to watch any videos or read any PDFs - listen, learn and get inspired on the go or while you work on your products!

If you're an e-commerce seller struggling to get started with email marketing, uncertain how to even get people on your list, or unsure what to talk to your subscribers about after you get them signed up - this is for you! This audio series will jumpstart your email marketing game and help you make more money in your online shop.

Why Email Marketing? Even in today's fast-paced social media world (and whether YOU like to receive emails from brands or not!), email marketing is still THE MOST EFFECTIVE way to connect with your audience, drive sales, and grow your business profits. An effective email marketing strategy for your online shop means more sales. It's just that simple y'all.

This Deep Dive Podcast is a one-of-a-kind private audio feed that breaks down the complexities of email marketing into easy-to-digest and actionable chunks. In it, I walk through the A to Z of email marketing topics, helping you gain the confidence and knowledge to utilize this powerful tool effectively and maximize your sales & engagement. It's perfect for both beginners looking to get started with email marketing and more experienced online shop owners wanting to make the most out of their existing email list.

By the end of this audio series, you'll more effortlessly connect with your email list (and grow it more quickly!), overcome your writer's block to create compelling email content, and have the tools & systems to schedule & automate most of your email marketing.

Whether you're learning how to build your email list, segment your subscribers, automate your campaigns, or monitor your email effectiveness, I've got you covered here. Plus - everything I discuss is ESPECIALLY for product sellers - it's not one-size-fits-all fluff! With real-world examples and step-by-step instructions, you'll be equipped to take action immediately and see tangible results.

This podcast series covers:

  • Overcoming your email marketing mindset issues
  • Email service provider options & considerations for ecomm sellers
  • How to get subscribers (what to offer them and where to promote it)
  • GDPR, permissions & compliance
  • Email automation, scheduling, types of sequences, and more
  • Email content ideas & repurposing
  • Best practices for subject lines, body copy, links, and more
  • Segmenting your list for maximum impact
  • Improving your email deliverability
  • Metrics & KPIs to track your email marketing effectiveness

This mini-podcast is just over 150 minutes of no-fluff content delivered in 12 on-demand, instantly accessible episodes.

With this Deep Dive Podcast on ChatGPT, you will finally be ready to fully leverage your email list! You can consistently hit "send" on emails to your engaged list of ideal customers, creating a pool of warm leads that are ready to buy from you! Listen, learn, and master the art of email marketing for your online shop, all at your convenience.

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This private podcast series is 12 episodes, spanning about 150 minutes to consume. You can listen as many times as you need to and will retain access.

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