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Breakeven & Profit Calculator

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How much do you have to sell in order to breakeven?

Do you know the answer to that? Need to think about it for a bit? Go ahead...I'll wait!

Effortlessly calculate your breakeven and profit points while factoring in your platform fees and non-product business expenses with this plug & play calculator.

This a powerful spreadsheet template available in Google Sheets takes the guesswork out of your pricing. Whether you sell digital products, handmade goods, or retail items, this calculator is your secret weapon to hitting your financial goals with clarity.

Too many sellers don't understand how much quantity they need to sell at their current price points in order to actually 1️⃣ breakeven (not make a profit, but not lose money either), let alone 2️⃣ actually make a profit that allows themselves to get paid what they deserve!

This plug & play calculator easily allows you to play around with your pricing, product costs, and business expenses to see your breakeven & profit points.

With our calculator, you can finally answer important questions like:

🔍 What price point should I set for my products?

🔍 How many units do I need to sell JUST to cover my costs (your breakeven point)?

🔍 How many units do I need to sell in order to hit my profit goal (which you can adjust and play around with!)?

You can also:

💎 Compare your profit margin & fees for selling on Etsy vs Shopify, as well as payment processors PayPal & Stripe

💎 Determine an overhead rate per product based on your estimated non-product business expenses

💎 Play around with my favorite flexible pricing formula to help set a profitable price point for your items

Don't let those hidden costs eat into your profits! Empower yourself with this handy plug & play profit calculator and maximize your profits.

❓ FAQs about the Breakeven & Profit Calculator❓


Nope. I do have built-in formulas with the fees for popular platforms like Etsy & Shopify, or processing payment via PayPal or Stripe.


After you complete your purchase, you will be prompted to set up an account on this site with the email address you used to check out. You will be able to access your link to Google Sheets within that account.

The plug & play calculator is accessible in Google Sheets (free with any Gmail or Google account). There is also a quick 10-minute video on how to use your tool.

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