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Deep Dive Podcast - Cyber Week Prep Crash Course

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🗓 10 days to get your shop ready for a goal-smashing Cyber Week this year 🗓

My unique Deep Dive Podcasts are here! Get ready for a sell-out week of sales this Thanksgiving with me. Listen, learn and get inspired on the go or while you work on your products!

I’m really passionate about streamlining processes, productivity hacks, and systematizing stuff. We’re all about working smarter, not harder around here (because I know you’re doing a lot more over there than “just” running a business!).

So if your creative right brain needs a little bit of my analytical left brain this holiday season, this is your chance!

For the past 7 years, this content has already helped hundreds of makers get their shops streamlined, their orders automated, and their products prepped ahead of time - without any last minute, frantic hustling!

Each of my 10 episodes dives into one essential task to ensure an organized, intentional Cyber Week for your business. You can do one episode a day, or spread it out over a few weeks, depending on how far in advance of Cyber Week you're starting. 

If you want to get ready for the best Cyber Week sales promo you've ever had, but you're not sure exactly WHAT to do and WHEN - this podcast & step-by-step plan is for you!

I'll give you the plan each day or week, you show up & do the work.

Over ten on-demand episodes, we'll walk through:

  • Nailing your promotional plan for Cyber Week & the holidays
  • Proactively developing your marketing plan so you can build buzz in advance
  • Predicting needed inventory & supply levels
  • Preparing your shop and your listings to capitalize on the influx of holiday orders & visitors
  • Streamlining your storefront to handle the increased activity with fewer customer service headaches
  • Creating A.L.L. the graphics, videos, copy, & marketing collateral you need to get the word out
  • Scheduling your content to market your products on auto-pilot so you can enjoy your OWN holidays

This mini-podcast is just over 80 minutes of no-fluff content delivered in 10 on-demand, instantly accessible episodes.

📖 40-page workbook included 📖

Supplement your listening with an actionable PDF workbook. You can use the planning prompts and calendar to sketch out your own promo plan, make notes of keywords & hashtags, and much more.

This year's Cyber Week and holiday sales season is gonna be streamlined & enjoyable!

By mid-November, just picture having...

  • your marketing & promo plan in place and ready to turn on automagically
  • all your marketing graphics created,
  • all your emails and social media posts scheduled and ready to go,
  • your product listings optimized and organized and holiday ready,
  • your supplies order and ready to ship goods in stock,
  • your workstation organized and prepped to fill & package orders, and
  • your customer service replies typed out and ready to go.

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You’ll receive a separate email with a link to your PDF workbook to download, and there will be a link after checkout as well.


This private podcast series is 10 episodes, spanning about 80 minutes to consume. You can listen as many times as you need to and will retain access.

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