how to price digital product
how to price digital products
digital products pricing calculator

Pricing Digital Products Masterclass

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Learn how to make a profit selling digital products in this one-hour video training (with a plug & play pricing calculator!)

Have you pondered adding digital stickers, a graphic pack, downloadable patterns, or an ebook to your shop site? Or maybe you already sell digital products?

Digital products seem like the magic bullet for *passive income*, but I want you to make sure you understand how to price & position your digital products so you can hit your financial goals.

After nearly a decade of selling digital products myself, I created this hour-long training all about how to price digital products make an actual profit, and avoid common mistakes.

Too many sellers fall into the trap that listing a $3 printable for sale leads to $10k months. Know your numbers NOW so you can price your digital goods for success. That's why I designed my plug & play breakeven and profit point calculator (that you get access to with this training!). Plug in your e-commerce platform and your business expenses and see how many digital products you actually need to sell to make a profit!

During this on-demand workshop, I will teach you:

💎 The benefits of adding a digital product to your shop, along with a few ideas to get your juices flowing

💎 The hidden costs of creating and selling digital products that you must consider when setting your prices

💎 Three things BEYOND the numbers you must consider when setting your prices for digital items to be profitable

💎 Ways to stay profitable even if you're selling a low-priced digital product (like printables, stickers, or patterns)

💎 A plug-n-play calculator you can use to explore different pricing options, figure out your breakeven & profit points, and ensure you're setting yourself up to be profitable ⬇️

how to price digital products

Your purchase includes lifetime access to the video training & the plug & play calculator. There's even an additional tab for physical products if you wanna play around with breakeven points for those!

Answer questions like:

  • At what price point should I price my digital products?
  • How many digital products do I need to sell to cover my costs and breakeven?
  • How many digital products do I need to sell to hit a profit goal?
  • How much additional revenue could digital products add to my business?
  • Is it worth my time & energy to create a digital product line?

Feedback from digital pricing masterclass attendees

“The inner math nerd inside me NEEDED to see those numbers are have hard facts to help with pricing/not selling myself short!”
“Such an eye opener for the $$ side of things that we don’t always consider!”
“The presentation was really thought provoking. I was clueless about all the costs involved. I still need to do some sums but I feel digital products might be a better option. My takeaway from this is that I’d rather start small and build towards sustaining a longterm profitable online shop.”
“Some hard truths – but utterly superb!”

❓FAQS ABOUT the digital pricing masterclass ❓


After you complete your purchase, you will be directed to create a new user account on my site. You'll have access to the video class there, along with a link to the plug & play calculator in Google Sheets. The link will prompt you to create your own copy of the file in your own Google Drive. You can edit, customize, print, etc. your own copy as you please.


Nope. I do cover consideration of the costs of selling on popular platforms like Etsy & Shopify, or processing payment via PayPal or Stripe. 

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In-depth resource!

Honestly, I've only had quick look through so far, my day job has been busy as all heck - but thus looks like it's an amazing, in-depth resource.