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Shop Sales Amplifier

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Learn 40+ quickly implementable ways to get your customers to spend more money at checkout with the Shop Sales Amplifier System.

Instead of constantly scrambling for ways to find new traffic to make more money, you can quickly implement just a handful of my 42 actionable strategies to get your existing customers to increase their order value (ie, spend more money in your shop!).

If you're ready to get off the never-ending traffic-building hamster wheel, this system is for you.

There are strategies you can easily implement THIS WEEK that allow you to make MORE revenue in your shop - simply by offering more value to your customers - with the traffic you're ALREADY getting.

With a few tweaks, you can LEVERAGE your existing traffic so that your current customers spend more money at checkout. (And no - the secret sauce isn't just "increase your prices"!)

I'm talking about increasing your average order value.

It's no secret I'm an accountant and a numbers nerd. So I take a very analytical approach to building your business. Shifting your perspective and your focus can truly amplify your results (with a lot less work!) which is why I created the Shop Sales Amplifier system to share with you.

Shifting your focus to increasing your customer's average order value (AOV) is the most effective way to increase revenue if you've already got some traffic to your site.

Don't make the mistake of just trying to get MORE traffic. The constant traffic hustle frazzle is making you work harder - not smarter.

Why? Because finding new ways to increase your traffic can be challenging, ambiguous or even expensive (hello, ads and promoted listings!). It's a never-ending cycle.

Yes, it's important to build your marketing strategy, BUT simply leveraging what you've already got by implementing the strategies in the Shop Sales Amplifier can amplify your current sales immensely.

That means putting a handful of the strategies from this system into place - many of which you can do in a weekend - can have an immediate positive impact on your bottom line.

You can take action today and make more money with each and every sale in your shop tomorrow.

What's included in the Shop Sales Amplifier System?

The Shop Sales Amplifer is a 20 page instantly downloadable PDF booklet. You can print it or save it directly to your devices for easy access - forever. Those 20 pages of goodness include:

  • Why average order value (AOV) is a vital metric to track in your business so you can understand how this focus can be a financial game-changer for you
  • A walk through of how to calculate your current AOV
  • 42 quickly implementable ideas & strategies for how to increase your shop's AOV, whether you sell on Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, or elsewhere online
  • The strategies included relate to cross-selling & upselling ideas, changing or tweaking your product offerings, shopping psychology hacks, discounts & promotional ideas, and more - I'm giving you TONS of ideas so you can pick & choose what works best for your business model & products
  • Worksheets for setting implementation deadlines and taking action, so you stay motivated to execute and can easily see the results of your actions

You also get three additional bonuses with this system:


Save time & energy and quickly implement your chosen strategies from the Amplifier with this list of plug & play tech tools, including apps & more for Shopify sellers, WooCommerce sites, and more.


Use this spreadsheet template to input your numbers & automatically calculate your AOV. Use this tracker to analyze your results over time as you implement different strategies - see if your results are making an impact!


Traffic IS still important - so use this quick quiz to determine WHICH marketing platform you should get laser-focused on. Stop trying to be in all the places at once, and figure out which marketing platform is the best for YOUR specific business needs.

Imagine running a shop that gets the most out of each and every sale.

It doesn't have to be crazy hard or complicated to make sure your shop is ready to convert visitors into sales, and then to leverage those sales into MORE revenue!

You don't have to redo your entire site or throw a bunch of money at complex tech. You can implement these strategies quickly and see results within a week!

Imagine if your existing customers spent just $2, $10, $19 more with each and every sale - what would that do for your business? What kind of EASE would that bring into your life?

You have nothing to lose - and so much to gain - by implementing these changes!



This system can help you if:

  • You sell online on a platform like Etsy, Shopify, SquareSpace, BigCartel, or WooCommerce
  • You sell a digital or physical product
  • You’re ready to take your shop to the next level, but not sure how
  • You shop already has traffic, OR you want to implement these strategies to take better advantage of the traffic you’re working to build now
  • You’re a new or established seller
  • You’re ready to make some tweaks and changes for the better in your shop
  • You’re open to new ideas and thinking outside the box
  • You’re not afraid of tracking the numbers to get the most out of your time! 


After you complete your purchase, you will be directed to create a new user account on my site. You'll be able to log in here to access all the pieces of the system -  2 PDF files and 2 spreadsheet files. The spreadsheets can be opened in any spreadsheet software, including Google Sheets (which is free!).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kiddo's Mom
Everything is very helpful

I'm revamping my business and decided to try Paper and Sparks. So glad I did. I started with some of her marketing and email information. It's very helpful and it's giving me the "spark" I needed to redo somethings in my business.

Kristin Ferrell
Haven't Started Yet-Getting Legit First

I am focusing on getting legit before I amplify my sales. I am looking forward to learning how to amplify my sales as the get legit toolkit is superb! Thank you for sharing your expertise to uplift us newbies.

Chrystal Shaw
Thought provoking!

Excellent insights and tips! The marketing assessment alone has me thinking much more clearly about how to move forward with each of my businesses. Highly recommend!