Need a Seller Spreadsheet AND an inventory spreadsheet?

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Get them both bundled together and save at least $25! Pick out the exact spreadsheet combo for whatever and wherever you sell. The discounted total will show up after you add both to your bundle. (Optional - add one import add-on at a discount too!)

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Build Your Own Spreadsheet Bundle

Build your own bundle and save! Purchase exactly which spreadsheets you need to create an amazingly streamlined bookkeeping system for your creative enterprise.

Each bundle includes the following:

1. A Seller Spreadsheet

Your seller spreadsheet is basically your bookkeeping hub. Choose a seller spreadsheet for whichever venue at which you make the majority of your sales – Etsy, PayPal, Shopify, Amazon, Square, or Squarespace. You can always manually enter sales from othersources (or use an import add-on). Your Seller Spreadsheet is designed to house ALL your streams of income in one place, and has spots to enter all your business expenses, receipts, and purchases. Read more about each seller spreadsheethere.

2. An inventory spreadsheet

Physical inventory has its own special set of rules and tracking needs, so we’ve got a special super-powered spreadsheet to help you deal specifically with inventory. Each Paper + Spark inventory spreadsheet will assist you with tracking your inventory costs, setting a profitable price point for your goods, and calculating everything you need at tax time regarding your inventory.

There are currently three inventory spreadsheets available – one for handmade sellers, one for resellers or retailers, and one for those who sell vintage items.

Read more about the inventory spreadsheets availablehere.

3. An import add-on (optional)

Sell in a second venue other than the Seller Spreadsheet you choice? Now’s your time to quickly & painlessly import your sales and fees from an other source. Grab an import add-on for a discounted price and easily get ALL your sales in one place. Read more about the import add-on optionshere.

Please note that I do not recommend using the PayPal import add or PayPal Seller Spreadsheet in conjunction with a Shopify Seller Spreadsheet or Shopify import add on. This combination will result in potentially double counting your Shopify PayPal sales.

Your bundle purchase also includes access to the Accounting Accountability Club & monthly email checklists.

Note: (Not visible on storefront)

  1. Do not change/remove the product options. Otherwise, new variants cannot be generated
  2. Do not remove duplicated products manually. Otherwise, you may corrupt the bundle
  3. Deleting or turning this bundle product to draft will stop the bundle from working.
  4. Each variant is a bundle built by a customer, this means that deleting variants will prevent that customer from checking out.

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What You Get Immediately After Purchase:

Spreadsheet files

Instantly downloadable spreadsheet file that can be used in Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets, for any year you need to do your books

Video & Text Instructions

A Google Doc guide with crystal clear written & visual instructions, plus video tutorials with step-by-step instructions & examples

support & motivation

Access to the Accounting Accountability Club on FB for support, questions, and monthly office hours, plus monthly checklists delivered to your inbox

✅ Access to the Accounting Accountability Club on Facebook for support where we answer your bookkeeping or spreadsheet questions and you can meet with like-minded entrepreneurs

✅ Monthly live office hours to dish on numbers and keep you motivated, with live screen-sharing how-tos

✅ Monthly checklist & reminder emails delivered straight to your inbox on the first of each month

✅ Lifetime access to any updates to your spreadsheet (you can use it in future years too!)

The best part about buying a Paper + Spark spreadsheet is the support. You’re not simply getting a downloadable spreadsheet file. You’re really getting a set of resources & support that help you understand your business finances with confidence. You’ll do your biz books every month with clarity, and you’ll finally truly understand what these numbers, reports, and terms MEAN.

You’re not just buying a file. You’re buying lifetime access to a bookkeeping template, step-by-step instructions for how to understand your biz finances, access to a CPA who actually *understands* e-commerce and how your maker biz operates, an easier tax time for yourself, monthly accountability and a community that will support you throughout your journey as an entrepreneur.

Can you say the same about that out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all bookkeeping software option? 

Why A Paper + Spark Spreadsheet?

Traditional bookkeeping software is made with accountants in mind. It’s expensive (and generally requires a monthly subscription payment), bulky, and oftentimes more complicated than a micro business like yours needs. It’s made for any and all types of small businesses, and not specific to YOUR business needs as a handmade biz owner or e-commerce seller. When your bookkeeping software is too complicated, too vague, and support or in-plain-English instruction is lacking, you tend to procrastinate on using it. Not updating your books consistently means severe stress once year end or tax deadlines hit.

Spreadsheets are powerful but simple tools. Partner a well-crafted spreadsheet file designed by an accountant intimately acquainted with e-commerce with clear, understandable instructions and you’ve got a formula for bookkeeping success. You get everything you need to feel empowered by your numbers, and nothing you don’t need.

Paper + Spark has been selling spreadsheets since 2015. We currently support thousands of makers and creative entrepreneurs in doing their books and understanding their money. Our spreadsheets have received countless rave reviews from shop owners. No other bookkeeping solution out there offers our level of step-by-step guidance & support. We also stay up-to-date on e-commerce reporting and platform changes.

With a Paper + Spark spreadsheet, you’ll pay a one-time fee for lifetime access to your files and support. We provide any future year files and updates for free, forever, via the account you create at checkout. You can always reach out in the Accounting Accountability Club, or via DM or email, and get answers to your spreadsheet & bookkeeping questions.

"My accountant loves your spreadsheets!"

What do real customers have to say?

Highlights from my recent customer survey:

  • Tax time is much easier with their P+S spreadsheet
  • They love the wealth of support materials created by an accountant who is down-to-earth and easy to follow (thanks y’all!)
  • The spreadsheet gives them a clean way to get organized & a bird’s eye view of their business. They love that this tool was made specifically for makers & crafters and how simple and user-friendly it is to update.
  • Many users said “My accountant loves your spreadsheet too!” — the highest form of praise!

Paper + Spark users are more likely to actually DO their books consistently and over the long term. According to survey results, 65% of spreadsheet users have been using their sheets for at least 2 years. 61% of spreadsheet users report that they update their sheets at least once a month. 

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