financial foundations 101

Financial Foundations 101

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Jumpstart your financial confidence

Fear of the unknown is often our biggest block when it comes to feeling good about handling our biz finances. We are just plain scared of things like bookkeeping & taxes because we don't totally understand them - and I don't want you to let that fear stand in your way of growing a profitable, successful creative business.

That's why I've compiled some of my most helpful resources, checklists, and reviews from the Paper + Spark library and combined them in an ebook called Financial Foundations 101. It's like a quick & dirty guide to getting confident about your biz money.

financial foundations 101

Financial Foundations 101 includes 30 pages of content & cheat sheets answering questions I get asked on the daily from creative entrepreneurs.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clarity on topics like:

  • Whether you’re truly a hobby or a business
  • Whether you really need that business bank account
  • What exactly bookkeeping is and which system is best for you
  • How to organize your paperwork
  • How you’re taxed as a business
  • What sort of expenses you can deduct
  • How sales tax and income tax work and apply to you

It’s everything you need summed up conveniently in one place.

This product is an instantly downloadable PDF ebook.

financial foundations