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family budget spreadsheet

The Home Base CFO Spreadsheet

Regular price$29.00 USD

Hooray! There's a Paper + Spark spreadsheet for your personal finances!

If you're in love with the colorful simplicity of our Seller Spreadsheets and the ease of our video tutorials, the Home Base CFO spreadsheet is for you. This spreadsheet is an organized person's color-coded dream for finances and budgeting (even works for us aspiring organized people too!).

Ready to feel super money smart?

The Home Base CFO spreadsheet is a tool for setting monthly budgets and tracking your spending. Get your family/personal expenses 100% under control, check handy charts at a glance to see how you're doing compared to your budget, and meet your goals faster with the Home Base CFO spreadsheet.

If you've put off tracking your personal spending or setting a budget because you a) don't have time to learn complicated new software and/or b) don't want to deal with the pile of receipts/paperwork/potential trash sitting on your desk, the Home Base CFO spreadsheet is here to help you get simplified and get on top of your financial to do's. This spreadsheet is super user-friendly, has all the built-in formulas you need to use it (no math required) and comes with step-by-step video and PDF instructions.

The Home Base CFO Spreadsheet does the heavy-lifting for you, so you have the data you need to make smart decisions for yourself or your family, and stress less about the money stuff.

This spreadsheet was created by a Certified Public Accountant to help you simplify your personal monthly bookkeeping process. There are separate tabs to help you categorize expenses, along with a main tab that summarizes all your income and expenses by category. There's also a tab where you can break down your monthly budget goals for income and spending, and compare your actual results to your budget with colorful visual bar charts.

What will the Home Base CFO Spreadsheet help me do?

  • Track your spending by category - enter your actual expenses as you go, using color-coded expense tabs that you can customize or re-name to fit your needs
  • Track your total income by category - enter your paycheck and other income as you go
  • Automatically total your spending and expenses into main categories each month so you can see where your money is going and analyze trends
  • Set budgets each month - meet your savings goals faster and set budgets by category or even sub-category on a monthly and annual basis
  • Easily see how you're doing compared to your budget - compare your actual results on a month by month basis with your goals with handy, colorful charts
  • Make tax time easier - filter, sort, and search for entries at tax time to know exactly what you can deduct on your tax return
  • See all your family's financial stuff in one place - collapse and expand your data to get a quick read on your overall financial health

Your purchase includes:

  • An instantly downloadable & usable multi-tabbed spreadsheet file, openable in Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets - for use for any year you set. (That means you can keep using it into future years too)
  • A detailed written instructional guide via Google Docs
  • A video tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to use your spreadsheet (for all you visual learners, learn how to use by seeing it in action!)

It's more than just a spreadsheet's also complete instructions on how to enter, use, and interpret the data you're looking at. The spreadsheet includes all the resources you need to go from confused about your finances to confident + capable.