Square Seller Spreadsheet
Square Seller Spreadsheet
Square Seller Spreadsheet
Square Seller Spreadsheet
Square Seller Spreadsheet
Square Seller Spreadsheet
paper and spark seller spreadsheet
Square Seller Spreadsheet
Square Seller Spreadsheet
Square Seller Spreadsheet
Square Seller Spreadsheet
Square Seller Spreadsheet
Square Seller Spreadsheet
Square Seller Spreadsheet
Square Seller Spreadsheet
Square Seller Spreadsheet

Square Seller Spreadsheet

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Worry less about your numbers with the Paper + Spark® Square Seller Spreadsheet.

Paper + Spark’s automated bookkeeping templates are created by an accountant/maker...especially for other makers, creators, and e-commerce sellers.

My spreadsheet tools give you everything you need to easily do your books, and NONE of the overwhelming bells & whistles (or monthly subscription costs) that you don’t need.

This sales tracking tool will do the heavy-lifting & number-crunching for you - with crystal clear instructions and guidance. The Square Seller Spreadsheet gives you the data you need to make smart decisions for your business and helps you win back more time to do what you love - create beautiful things and make sales!

Download your own Square Seller Spreadsheet today and get caught up on & confident about your numbers in just a couple hours.

How the square seller spreadsheet works

My Seller Spreadsheets automate and simplify your monthly bookkeeping process. The Square Seller Spreadsheet imports in your Square sales & fees directly from your Square CSV files with a simple copy & paste.

The spreadsheet also helps you categorize your business expenses, enter sales from other sources, automates important sales tax info, and sums up your monthly net profit.

What will the Square Seller Spreadsheet help me do?

  • Quickly import Square data – Save time by quickly importing your Square sales each month, along with sales tax collected, tips, refunds issued, and Square fees. The spreadsheet compiles the totals you need from an easy import from SquareUp, making less work for you.
  • See all your sales in one place – You can also manually input your sales from all your other sources, like Paypal, eBay, cash, etc., or use one of our import add on tools to automate from other online venues.
  • Input expense receipts – Expenses categories each have their own tab. As you make purchases or pay bills throughout the month, you can enter your expenses on a receipt-by-receipt basis in the appropriate category. This means you have a great backup of your expense totals at year-end to backup your tax numbers or give to your accountant.
  • Make tax time so much easier – The expense categories roughly correlate to the expense categories on your business’ tax return, making the process of doing your taxes a lot more streamlined and simplified for you or your accountant.
  • Calculate net profit or loss each month – Know instantly whether your biz is making a profit or a loss throughout the year, enabling you to make smarter budgeting and goal-setting decisions.
  • Deal with sales taxes – Compile all your sales tax collected and in-state sales in one place.
📌 Have questions about any of our spreadsheets? Not sure which tool best fits your needs? Check out the Spreadsheet Resource page for FAQs, videos, and more info.

What You Get Immediately After Purchase:

Spreadsheet file

Instantly downloadable spreadsheet file that can be used in Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets, for any year you need to do your books

Video & Text Instructions

A Google Doc guide with crystal clear written & visual instructions, plus video tutorials with step-by-step instructions & examples

support & motivation

Access to the Accounting Accountability Club on FB for support, questions, and monthly office hours, plus monthly checklists delivered to your inbox

The best part about buying a Paper + Spark spreadsheet is the support. You’re not simply getting a downloadable spreadsheet file. You’re really getting a set of resources & support that help you understand your business finances with confidence. You’ll do your biz books every month with clarity, and you’ll finally truly understand what these numbers, reports, and terms MEAN.

You’re not just buying a file. You’re buying lifetime access to a bookkeeping template, step-by-step instructions for how to understand your biz finances, access to a CPA who actually *understands* e-commerce and how your maker biz operates, an easier tax time for yourself, monthly accountability and a community that will support you throughout your journey as an entrepreneur.

Can you say the same about that out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all bookkeeping software option? 



Get them both bundled together for a discount! Pick out the exact spreadsheet combo for whatever and wherever you sell.

Why A Paper + Spark Spreadsheet?

Traditional bookkeeping software is made with accountants in mind. It’s expensive (and generally requires a monthly subscription payment), bulky, and oftentimes more complicated than a micro business like yours needs. It’s made for any and all types of small businesses, and not specific to YOUR business needs as a handmade biz owner or e-commerce seller. When your bookkeeping software is too complicated, too vague, and support or in-plain-English instruction is lacking, you tend to procrastinate on using it. Not updating your books consistently means severe stress once year end or tax deadlines hit.

Spreadsheets are powerful but simple tools. Partner a well-crafted spreadsheet file designed by an accountant intimately acquainted with e-commerce with clear, understandable instructions and you’ve got a formula for bookkeeping success. You get everything you need to feel empowered by your numbers, and nothing you don’t need.

Paper + Spark has been selling spreadsheets since 2015. We currently support thousands of makers and creative entrepreneurs in doing their books and understanding their money. Our spreadsheets have received countless rave reviews from shop owners. No other bookkeeping solution out there offers our level of step-by-step guidance & support. We also stay up-to-date on e-commerce reporting and platform changes.

With a Paper + Spark spreadsheet, you’ll pay a one-time fee for lifetime access to your files and support. We provide any future year files and updates for free, forever, via the account you create at checkout. You can always reach out in the Accounting Accountability Club, or via DM or email, and get answers to your spreadsheet & bookkeeping questions.

"My accountant loves your spreadsheets!"

What do real customers have to say?

Highlights from my recent customer survey:

  • Tax time is much easier with their P+S spreadsheet
  • They love the wealth of support materials created by an accountant who is down-to-earth and easy to follow (thanks y’all!)
  • The spreadsheet gives them a clean way to get organized & a bird’s eye view of their business. They love that this tool was made specifically for makers & crafters and how simple and user-friendly it is to update.
  • Many users said “My accountant loves your spreadsheet too!” — the highest form of praise!

Paper + Spark users are more likely to actually DO their books consistently and over the long term. According to survey results, 65% of spreadsheet users have been using their sheets for at least 2 years. 61% of spreadsheet users report that they update their sheets at least once a month. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Deborah Boehler

I can't stop going into the spreadsheets and looking at them! They are so colorful and fun, which makes me WANT to open them. While I'm there I might as well add my purchases and notes. It's so wonderful seeing everything added up automatically, without doing the math myself. I cannot recommend these more!! What are you waiting for?! Grab them before you build up more purchases to shuffle through and input. They make life so much easier, business and Personal.

Great Purchase

Tried doing a spreadsheet on my own and failed soooooo glad I purchased, Worth every penny!

Tracy Crosbie
Works Great, You want Paper and Sparks

I just downloaded my Square info into my Square Seller Paper and Spark spreadsheet and it worked without a hitch. I am doing a lot of catch up but so far, thanks to your wonderful videos for each step, everything is going well and I am almost ready to do taxes. Next year should be a cinch. I also have the Inventory Spreadsheet and it is also wonderful. It took a lot of work as I was catching up, a lot, but it is finished and it is a great feeling of relief to know that next year I can start out right and not get behind.
Thanks to Janet for all the Paper and Spark support

Jen Leffler
Amazing... just do it!

I hesitated to buy the spreadsheets for well over a year, and I wish I had purchased it sooner. The sheets are fabulous and the videos and instructions are so thorough and helpful. I DEFINITELY recommend the spreadsheets!

Larissa Creighton
Great product but…

I really loooove the spreadsheet, it was exactly what I was looking for! Integrates from square easily, has space for you to add custom lines etc. I purchased as a bundle and am ready to get everything super organized with my inventory as well! Highly
Recommend for a small business who needs help on the back end

However, I felt as though the marketing emails that were sent to me after purchase were a bit excessive. I received I believe 4 emails alone telling me to hurry up and buy another product before I can’t until X date again. (This felt very spammy and hard selling like a used car salesman) I’ve had the product 2 weeks and have received at least one email per day if not multiples.